Club Constitution

Constitution of Llandeilo R.F.C.


1.  Name

The name of the Club shall be Llandeilo Rugby Football Club and affiliated to the Welsh Rugby Union, the West Wales Rugby Union, and Llanelli and District RFC.


2.  Headquarters

The headquarters of the Club shall be The Millennium Stadium, Cae William, Carmarthen Road, Llandeilo or any other place as decided at an Annual General Meeting or by the Executive Committee.


3.  The objects of the Club

The aims of the Club shall be to promote, encourage and foster the game of Rugby Union Football in Llandeilo and District and to promote good relations with other clubs and organizations.


4.  Membership

The membership of the Club shall consist of:-




Playing Members

Life Members


5.  Subscription

The annual membership fee, as fixed by the Executive Committee, shall be payable in advance at the beginning of each season.


6.  Voting rights

Only fully paid up members shall be entitled to voting rights, playing facilities and be eligible to hold office.


7.  Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of:-






Fixture secretary


11 elected members


8.  Method of election and term of office of the Executive Committee

(a)   All members of the Executive Committee shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office until the following Annual General Meeting.

(b)   Nominations must be notified to the Secretary up to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

(c)   It is the proposer's responsibility to see that the person nominated is prepared to accept office, if elected.

(d)   Method of Election of Officers or members, duly proposed and seconded, will be by show of hands. In the case of two or more candidates for individual Executive Offices and/or where there are in excess of 11 candidates for committee membership then a ballot will be held. Each member shall be entitled to a number votes equal to the number of officials required. No member shall be allowed to give more than one vote to any individual candidate.  Voting papers not fully completed or spoilt shall be declared void.

(e)  The Executive Committee can Co-opt members at their discretion.


9.  Selection Committee.

The coach(es) of the senior XV’s be appointed wherever possible before the end of May.  Team selection shall rest with the coach(es) of the appropriate Senior XV. 


10.  Annual General Meeting

(a)  The Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as possible after the termination of each playing season.  A notification of the date, agenda and all other relevant information shall be posted on the Notice Board at the Club's headquarters and publicised locally twenty-one days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

A quorum shall consist of five members

The business of the Annual general Meeting shall include:-

Confirmation of the minutes (or otherwise) previous Annual General Meeting.

Other relevant routine matters (apologies etc)

President's Address

Chairman's Address

Secretary's Report

Treasurer's Report to receive Statement of Accounts.

Fixture Secretary's Report

To discuss any Notice of Motion submitted (see Rule 11)

To appoint the following officers:






(f)Members of the Executive Committee


11.  Notice of Motion - Annual General Meeting

(a)   Notice of Motion in writing and signed by the proposer and seconder must be received by the Secretary twenty-eight days before the date of the Annual General Meeting and a copy must be affixed by the Secretary to the Notice Board at least twenty-one days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting.   If passed at that Annual General Meeting, it shall become effective immediately.

(b)   Any member of the Executive Committee who wishes to move a Notice of Motion at an AGM or SGM must first bring it before the Executive Committee for discussion. If approved, it will then become the official recommendation of the Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting or SGM and procedures as laid down in 11(a) shall be followed.


12.  Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting can be convened at any time and shall be held within twenty-one days on the written requisition of fifteen members of the Club.  Such requisition must state the purpose for which such meeting is requested.  A notice of such meeting, stating its purpose, must be displayed on the Club's Notice Board for a period of fourteen days prior to the meeting.  A quorum for such meeting shall be fifteen.


13.  Club Property

This shall be vested in the Directors of Llandeilo RFC Co Ltd who shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and shall have power to invest or re-invest the money of the Club after consultation with the Executive Committee, without incurring any personal liability whatsoever.


14.  Executive Committee Meetings

Shall be held fortnightly on a Monday at Cae William or otherwise decided by the Executive Committee. A quorum shall consist of five members.